Exeter Airport: Aircraft Collapsed After Landing Gear Wheel Failing


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A light plane accident landed at Exeter Airport after a landing gear failure, a file possesses said.The Beechcraft 200, with merely an aviator on board, plunged at 11:18 GMT on 3 January 2022, stated the Air Accidents Examination Limb report.The captain was uninjured, but the plane’s freight husk, fuselage, landing cog doors, and part covers were actually damaged.The plane

had actually diverted from Alderney to Exeter after the left-side touchdown cog fell short to secure, said the report.The 66-year-old

aviator produced a flypast of the management tower at Exeter where onlookers validated that the left-side touchdown gear wheel was lowered, and the fly continued with a regular method and also landing.However, as the aircraft landed, the touchdown gear broke down, resulting in the remaining wing as well as freight husk to strike the path and also the tips of the left propeller to happen the ground.The examination found that the root cause of

the crash was very likely because of a” down-lock device shedding adjustment “, which caused the collapse of the landing gear.The document mentioned the landing cog had actually been actually revamped in 2020 as well as no further routine maintenance was called for until August 2022. At the moment of the incident, the aircraft’s certification of airworthiness was actually valid.Follow BBC News South West on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Send your tale ideas to spotlight@bbc.co.uk.’Pilots not aware of each other ‘in front of wreck Fly gets away from unhurt after crash landing Glider pilot ejected after airfoil cover disconnection The light aircraft crashed after landing gearwheel crashed to lock correctly, points out a record.

Exeter Airport: Aircraft Collapsed After Landing Gear Wheel Failing

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