I Was Actually Try And Also Captured After The D-Day Landings


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Jim Glennie was actually an 18-year-old soldier when he faced the horrifying truth of the D-Day touchdowns in 1944.

The Allied troops dealt with bullets as well as layers as they released the most extensive sky and also sea infiltration in record. Personal Glennie viewed a corpse, however recognized he had to carry on.However, concerning a full week eventually he was actually wounded as well as captured, inevitably showing up in a prisoner of battle camping ground on his 19th birthday.Now aged 97, he

has been communicating as portion of the BBC’s World War Pair of: Our experts Existed task, where experts inform their stories for future generations.When he was telephoned, Pte Glennie began at the

Link of Don Barracks in Aberdeen.”If you weren’t fit it was hard, yet if you were actually suited it was alright,

“he said.Allied forces started landing on the beaches of Northern France to free Europe from German soldiers on 6 June 1944. Pte Glennie, from Turriff in Aberdeenshire, was actually one of all of them as part of the Gordon Highlanders branch.

“I remember I performed a large watercraft,” he stated.”You needed to go over the edge and also into the landing made.

“I had two companions that could not go for a swim. They stated:’ Jim you can not leave me, you’ll must enjoy our company’.

I claimed ‘appear, I’ll examine with some of you and after that return for the various other’.” But the water was simply approximately the knees, so it was actually alright. I hopped on to the sand and

I looked down and also certainly there was a body drifting. He wasn’t among our young boys. He was an older type of man. He was actually drifting back as well as fore with the waves.This video can easily not be actually participated in Jim Glennie was actually an 18-year-old soldier when he experienced the distressing truth of the D-Day

touchdowns”Young boys were actually acquiring chance. There were actually coverings and every thing. You must keep your heid doon(scalp down). You certainly never quit. You had to proceed. “Even with massive German protection, Mr Glennie and also his colleagues accelerated inland.However, fight was nearly over for the teenager.He said they experienced Germans coming at all of them coming from different slants.”Our team were contending them and also they were actually contending our team, “he pointed out

.”As well as ultimately I was fired in the arm.

“When I got recorded, you must remove your check out. My mom had actually offered me

a band, they took off the ring. I mentioned ‘no, no’however the child was actually visiting punch me. “But I was privileged, I got involved in

the medical facility.”Mr Glennie stated his German doctor was actually” golf daft” and had actually inquired him if he played the sporting activity. The younger soldier responded that he played soccer.

“He utilized to inquire me regarding Aberdeen. He mentions’Aberdeen, there’s supposed to be a considerable amount of greens’. I said’oh yes, I can not inform you all of them all, but I may inform you a bunch of them’.

He says ‘I am actually mosting likely to concern Aberdeen when the battle appearances’. “He performs not understand if his German doctor performed ever made it to Scotland.What he carries out know is where he wound up on his 19th birthday celebration -at some of Germany’s biggest detainee of war camping grounds.”

I landed at Stalag IV-B,” he claimed.”Someone screamed’match( what)day is it

?'”Somebody states it’s the 19th of August. I stated’that’s my special day!’ As well as everybody screamed’yesssssss!'” That was actually Stalag

IV-B and also I was there up until Christmas opportunity. I was lucky though.”The only trait was you were actually always starving, always famished. “In very early 1945, he was packing bomb gaps as component of his detainee obligations

when his German captors vanished.The camp was actually released and also he made his method to United States forces just before being actually delivered residence to his loved ones.” Your home contained folk,”

he stated.”Individual were actually simply coming round to see me. They would certainly become aware of me being residence as well as visited.

“The moment Europe was released, he was due to set up to Asia- however the battle finished before he was sent.He later married as well as had

pair of children.He volunteers at the Gordon Highlanders Museum in Aberdeen, discussing his story in the hope future age groups remember the reparations which were made.Soldier reunified with woman he complied with in France in WW2 At that point and also now: Pros don’t forget D-Day landings A 97-year-old Aberdeenshire pro informs

how he endured D-Day and the challenges of bondage.

I Was Actually Try And Also Captured After The D-Day Landings

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