Ovidio Guzmán: Us Asks Mexico To Extradite El Chapo’s Kid


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The USA has inquired Mexico to extradite a boy of the notorious medication lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Mexican authorities say.Ovidio Guzmán was detained on 5 January in Sinaloa state, in northerly Mexico.The 32-year-old is actually suspected of leading, along with his bro, the highly effective Sinaloa medication cartel which his daddy founded.Ovidio Guzmán is likewise implicated of having actually gotten the massacre of a performer who had refused to conduct at his wedding.Their daddy was actually attempted in a United States court and also is actually offering a lifestyle paragraph in a maximum-security prison in Colorado after having actually been actually found guilty of leading the Sinaloa cartel.Ovidio is just one of four little ones El Chapo had in the course of his relationship along with Griselda López in the 1980s and also 90s. The oldest of them, Edgar, was gotten rid of in a

corporate trust shootout in 2008. El Chapo likewise has other children from his previous relationship and from his succeeding connection with Emma Coronel, that is also in jail in the US.Ovidio’s

much older bro, called Joaquín after his dad, is actually still on the operate. Both brothers have been actually prosecuted by an US court on charges of conspiracy to disperse cocaine, methamphetamine and also marijuana.Sources in the Mexican government told neighborhood media that the United States had formally requested that Ovidio Guzmán be extradited to stand up trial in the US.After a six-month surveillance procedure, police officials jumped down on the house outside the city of Culiacán where Ovidio Guzmán, also called” El Ratón” (The Mouse), was hiding.Twenty-nine individuals died in the firefight which occurred and also participants

of his cartel burned buses as well as automobiles to block slip road to prevent authorities reinforcements from connecting with the city.This video clip may certainly not be actually played See: Buses get rid of as well as shut out roadways on the roads of Culiacan, Mexico Ovidio Guzmán was soared to Mexico Metropolitan area in a chopper for anxiety that if he was delivered through roadway his gunman will make an effort to assault the convoy.It was not the first time the alleged cartel leader’s arrest led to violence.In June 2020, the

safety and security forces briefly confined Ovidio Guzmán however were actually bought by Mexican Head of state Andrés Manuel López Obrador to launch him “so as not to put the populace vulnerable”as Sinaloa shooters torched buses and also participated in gun battles with police and also soldiers.He had been in hiding for the complying with 18 months prior to his re-arrest in January 2023. Mexico ex-minister on test in US for El Chapo allurements Twenty-nine gotten rid of during arrest of El Chapo’s kid El Chapo’s former safe house to become raffled off Ovidio Guzmán was arrested in January after a gun war through which more than a number of individuals perished.

Ovidio Guzmán: Us Asks Mexico To Extradite El Chapo’s Kid

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